Bugs & Glitches

By registering as a member of Go Inspire Love, you agree to provide us with beta testing information and feedback during your membership with us, in order for us to provide the best experience possible. You understand that there may be glitches, broken links, or other silliness that we are working out. You agree to to be nice and gracious in the event that anything like the aforementioned should occur. There may be downtime issues outside of our control, and as such we cannot not guarantee that the site will always be up and live. If you should ever see a bug or glich, please let us know.


Refund Policy

We believe in Go Inspire Love, which is why we will offer you a full refund of the current month you’re in, as long as you give us notice of your wish to cancel before the 30 days ends. We will not be able to provide refunds for past months, so please make sure you utilize the content during the current month that your membership is active and in good standing.


Billing Policy

The credit card you signed up with will be billed monthly, automatically on the same day you signed up. Should your card become expired or there are insufficient funds to cover the transaction, we will contact you and will give you a 14 day grace period to update your billing information so that the charge can go through. If after 14 days you have not updated your information and we still have not received payment, we will sadly have to cancel your membership, and you may lose your spot in the membership (sad face). Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen, so that you can always get the goodies and not lose your seat in the membership.


Availability of content

You will be able to access content, as long as this site is live, exists, and is accepting members. We do not promise the content will be here forever, so it does have an expiration date. If you cancel your membership, you also cancel your access to all content. It is your responsibility to utilize the content while your membership is active and in good standing. The content is live only and is not downloadable.


Monthly costs

Go Inspire Love reserves the right to change the monthly cost of membership for any reason. Possible reasons could be to cover rising costs, or if we are providing more and better content. We will give you notice in advance should this happen and you will have an opportunity to cancel, should you want to.


Contents not guaranteed

Go Inspire Love does not guarantee any specific results or success from the content we share. We are open and honest, but we are sharing our opinions and nothing more. Nothing we share is foolproof and we are not professional lawyers or tax pros or accountants. If you so choose to follow any advice, you are doing so with the understanding that we do not guarantee any result, and as such will not be held liable for any actions or results that do or do not happen.



Both the information Go Inspire Love shares, and the information that members share amongst each other is strictly confidential and cannot be shared outside of the group. Likewise, do not share your login information with anyone without our written permission.


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This membership site may contain affiliate links for products that we recommend. If you purchase those items through our links Go Inspire Love may earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through our links. In fact, oftentimes we are able to negotiate a lower rate (or bonuses) not available elsewhere.


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